Prints on Metal

Our metal prints are essentially maintenance-free. When transporting, be careful to not bang the edges or corners as they can bend or chip. To remove fingerprints or dust clean with an ammonia-free window cleaner using a soft cloth.

As with our prints on paper and canvas, please avoid leaving metal prints in direct sunlight. With proper care, they should last many years.

Prints on paper

Our custom-ordered photographs and panoramas are printed using archival inks and paper. In order to enjoy your new purchase for many years to come, we recommend the following procedures:

• Since we ship your image rolled up, you need to uncurl it by laying it flat in a safe place, weighing down the ends with a couple of books for 2-3 days.

• To preserve their brilliant colors, prints should be matted and framed behind glass.

• To remove any remaining curl, we suggest having your image professionally dry mounted on a foam core backing as well. This is especially important for panoramas.

• Do not store or display your print in an overly humid location, as it could cause the print to separate from the backing.

• As with any photograph, display your image in a location where the sun does not strike it directly.

• Our prints are color-balanced for daylight. To make your image stand out at much as possible, we recommend lighting it with halogen track lights because their pure white light is similar to daylight. Make sure, however, that the bulbs have a built-in UV filter to prevent fading the photograph – most track lights do, but most outdoor halogen flood lights do not.

• To prevent sagging, we recommend using a metal frame, or a sturdy wooden one.

Prints on Canvas

Our stretched canvas images do not require an additional frame or glass as they have been sprayed or rolled with a special protective coating. To prevent scuffing, handle them as little as possible and transport them in the plastic sleeve they arrived in. It's safe to dust them with a feather duster.

As with our prints on paper, please keep canvas prints away from overly humid locations and avoid leaving them in direct sunlight.